Mold Testing Services in MA

Mold growth can be found on:

• Wood
• Plaster
• Glue
• Drywall
• Fiberglass
• Paper products
• Concrete

Other Facts About Mold

Outdoor Mold Spore Counts Are Often Higher Indoors

This fact is not surprising. Indoor fungi are simply fungi that have located a food source indoors. All indoor fungi are also present outdoors. Obviously some kinds of fungi can become greatly amplified indoors. Wet wallboard becomes affected with Aspergillus and Penicillium species so that spore concentrations in homes can be higher than even those outdoors.

Study Finds Link Between Mold And Depression

A groundbreaking public health study has found a connection between damp, moldy homes and depression. The study, led by Brown University Epidemiologist Edmond Shenassa, was the largest investigation of an association between mold and mood, and is the first investigation conducted outside of the United Kingdom.